How to Hook Up Your Mobile Home Plumbing & Electrical System

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How to Hook Up Your Mobile Home Plumbing & Electrical System

Gas, water, heat, and electricity are often overlooked elements inside a home. It’s only when they stop working that we begin to appreciate their crucial importance. 


That’s especially true for mobile homes. It can be a fairly challenging process when you’re trying to hook your home to utility lines. That’s due to the different practices observed across various locations. 


When it comes to mobile homes, you have two options: putting up the unit on your property or setting it up in a mobile home community. The location you choose affects the expenses and difficulties you’ll face in connecting utilities in your unit.


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In this guide, we will break down the difference between setting up utilities in mobile home parks and undeveloped land. We’ll help you understand the process so you can decide which would be the better option for you. 


Utilities in a mobile home park

Connecting your mobile home plumbing and electrical systems is relatively easy if you’ve decided to install your unit in a mobile home park. Sites usually have existing electricity, water and gas lines, so you don’t need to do any legwork regarding permits.


All you have to do is hire professionals to connect your unit with the site’s utility parks. It’s not recommended that you do it on your own. You might damage the unit with faulty installation


Besides, most states require licenses before you can perform these installations. So it’s better when pros are handling it. 


We suggest that you find a moving company that also handles utility installations. That way, you won’t have to look for plumbers and electricians, which can cost between $300 to $500 per day. 


In addition, you can ask your future neighbors in the mobile home park community how they’ve connected their utilities. They can give you an idea of how much you need to spend and how long the process will take.


Utilities on undeveloped land

If you plan to set up your mobile home on undeveloped land, expect a lot of legwork and higher upfront costs. 


Research the property you’re hoping to acquire since some can be connected to utility lines more easily than others. The farther away the land is from utility lines, the more expensive it will be to connect it.


While the cost varies based on location, topography and soil type, you can spend anywhere from $6,000 to $35,000 to set up utilities from scratch



Before you can install anything, you first need to hire an architect or civil engineer to help you list the utility connections required on your property. They can also help you secure the permits you’ll need.


However, an architect or engineer’s professional fee can get costly. This doesn’t account for the expenses you’ll have to pay for the paperwork. 



The distance between the power source and your property will determine how much you’ll spend connecting your mobile home to an electrical line. You may have to buy poles and transmission lines on top of hiring professionals to handle the installation. 



You’ll need to hire gas plumbers to hook your mobile home with a natural gas line. Since they’ll have to set up everything underground, your labor costs can increase dramatically.


Water and septic systems

Installing a well and septic tank may become problematic if your land is located in an area where the groundwater is too deep or too shallow. Likewise, there may be underground obstructions that need to be cleared before you can set up your mobile home’s plumbing system.


The longer the installation takes, the more it will cost you.    


Mobile home plumbing and electricity are easier in parks 

Setting up utility lines can be challenging and expensive if you’re doing it from scratch on undeveloped land. You will need to secure permits, hire professionals and purchase the materials necessary for the utility connection.


Meanwhile, hooking up your mobile home to electricity, water and gas is relatively easier and more affordable if you install your unit in a mobile home community. The lines are already there, and you only need to hire plumbers and electricians to set them up. 


Since installing utility lines can get costly, it’s a good idea to factor this expense into your consideration as you choose between undeveloped lands and mobile home communities. 


If you’re looking for a mobile home in California, Oregon or Nevada, Storz Management Company is your partner in finding an affordable housing solution. You can reach us by calling (916) 989-5333 or sending us a message through this form.  

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