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Vision to See Opportunity

Stock ownership among Americans is at a record low, according to a recent study by Gallup. More and more investors desire not only to diversify their portfolio to include real estate like manufactured home communities, but also to avoid the worsening disadvantages for individual investors in the stock market.

Among real estate investments, no segment provides a better risk-adjusted return to investors than manufactured home communities. And unlike most real estate segments, the lack of new manufactured home communities coupled with a growing population and demand for moderately-priced housing continues to create simple, but substantial economic benefit for manufactured home community investors. Perhaps better yet is that American manufactured home communities can never be “off-shored”!

Building on what Jerry Storz began over 50 years ago, Storz Management Company provides a platform for prudent investors to capitalize on investment opportunities in the manufactured home community segment. Storz Management Company has led the acquisition of over 25 parks by pooling approximately $200 million in invested capital over the years, providing sound investment diversity, exceptional risk-based returns for our investors and sustainable asset value for future generations.

Storz Management Company is uniquely positioned to have early and sometimes first access to purchase opportunities. We are able to employ our knowledge of current market data and underwriting criteria to act nimbly and mitigate risk for our investors.

Best of all, Storz Management Company has the ability to provide under one roof all services necessary for a sound manufactured home community investment:

 Raise capital

 Identify, underwrite and acquire properties

 Negotiate and secure debt

 Hire, train and manage park staff

 Ensure operational efficiency of properties

 Prudently invest in infrastructure and homes to preserve and enhance asset value

 Ensure a thorough and professional level of financial reporting

 Effectively communicate with investors on the status and financial particulars of their assets

 Decrease the number of your headaches and increase the amount of your checks!

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