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Experience, Innovation, Communication

Discerning park owners select Storz Management Company to manage, care for and grow the value of their park assets. Our asset management program is unmatched in the industry. We strive to exceed our client’s expectations by employing:


Diverse experience and market expertise

▪ The newest technologies

▪ Purchasing power

▪ Proprietary systems and techniques

▪ Effective reporting

Very simply, our job is to reduce headaches and increase value. Accomplishing this, however, takes a concerted approach.



Storz Management Company has specialized in the Mobile Home Community industry for over 50 years. We have developed integral relationships and a sterling reputation that not only serves our company, but benefits our clients as well. State and local agency representatives are assured by Storz Management Company's legacy that matters are handled honestly and professionally. The best vendors, contractors and employees seek opportunities to work with Storz Management Company. We provide our clients the benefit of Storz Management Company's relationships and purchasing power to ensure high quality and low pricing not available to others. Storz Management Company's management brings a diverse background of real estate and financial expertise to complement our tenure in the Mobile Home Community industry.



Technology and innovation, when used effectively, improve efficiency, reduce costs and ultimately increase profits. Whether it is remote deposit technology, web-hosted software, web-based marketing and training or VOIP telecommunications, Storz Management Company uses technology as a tool to benefit our clients. To be the best and maximize the performance of our parks we must be nimble and cutting edge. We believe that change, for the right reasons, is essential and beneficial.


It is not enough to only collect rents and manage costs. Mobile Home Community's are real estate assets that often provide alternative opportunities to create value. At Storz Management Company we discover unique and innovative ways to improve your park and bottom line. These may include:


▪ Easement negotiations and sales

▪ Alternative energy systems

▪ Long-term rent rate strategy supported by comprehensive data and comparables analysis

▪ Underutilized real estate development and sales

Innovation can also mean finding creative ways to adapt to the market. The days of homes easily finding their way into parks’ vacant spaces are no longer. Homeowners rarely show up with a home in tow. Dealers remain on the sidelines waiting for the good old days to return. At Storz Management Company we do not wait for opportunity. We seek it out and find it. We explore the market for homes to buy, haul, set up and fill our parks.


When the SAFE Act effectively prevented simple, seller financing, we found a way to offer our clients a way to comply. Our affiliated, licensed loan origination and servicing arm offers financing solutions and keeps our park owners compliant with federal and state law. Storz Management Company's Vacancy Management Program is a critically-necessary component of our services.



Nothing is more important in our business than communicating essential information to our clients. Mobile Home Community's are generally multi-million dollar, institutional-grade real estate assets. With this much at stake, park owners must know the most current and key performance information. That is why Storz Management Company provides exceptional reporting to our clients. This includes monthly “dashboards”, which summarize key data and information, so that park owners have a quick reference guide to monitor asset performance.


Storz Management Company's financial reporting is unmatched in the industry. Our accrual-method financial statements not only describe a more accurate summary of financial metrics, but help reduce opportunities for fraud or leakage. Taking advantage of this unique offering may even save you money if you currently pay a third party to make adjustments to cash-method financial statements.


And of course, we believe strongly in the importance of both picking up the phone and meeting in person. Nothing improves communication better than hearing each other’s voice and being face-to-face.

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