Are manufactured homes safe and durable?

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Are manufactured homes safe and durable?

If you’re wondering if manufactured homes are safe during earthquakes and severe weather conditions, the simple answer is a resounding yes. All homes constructed after 1976 should meet a strict set of building standards developed and implemented by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development. 


The HUD codes cover not just the durability and safety features of manufactured homes but also the plumbing and electrical systems, installation and fire resistance. 


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Are manufactured homes as strong as stick-built houses? 


Thanks to HUD codes, today’s manufactured homes are as strong as traditional houses. In fact, home insurance providers don’t make such differentiation and offer the same coverage for these two housing options. 


According to a recent report by the Manufactured Housing Institute, manufactured homes have an average lifespan of 55.8 years. And with proper upkeep and maintenance, they can even last longer.


Why are manufactured homes cheap?


On average, manufactured homes cost 20%-50% less than traditional houses, making them an affordable housing option for many, especially first-time home buyers. However, this lower price prompts some people to assume it’s probably because of the shoddy construction. 


But the truth is, manufactured homes use the same quality construction materials as traditional houses that follow the building standards. Also, they are built with 20-30 more materials than stick-built houses because they need to withstand the stresses of transportation from the factory to the land where they will be installed. 


The lower price tag of manufactured homes stems from their efficient construction process and lower labor costs. 


Unlike stick-built houses in which up to 30% of the construction materials go to landfill (according to the Environmental Protection Agency’s report), manufactured home companies maximize the construction material in which the goal is to eliminate or reduce waste. 


Do manufactured homes undergo rigorous testing?


The answer is yes. Once they are nearing completion, their electrical, plumbing and air systems are tested to ensure safety. Additionally, they undergo rigorous weather tests to make sure they can withstand tornado and hurricane winds.


After a home has passed its manufacturer’s rigorous testing, third-party inspectors step in to conduct their own scrutiny before they award it with a permanent certification seal. 


Third-party inspectors also conduct regular inspections to ensure the manufacturing facilities adhere to the strict building and design codes. 


What are the benefits of manufactured homes over stick-built houses?


In terms of durability, manufactured homes have a certain advantage over stick-built houses because they are constructed in a highly controlled environment; this means their construction materials (wood and metal) are stored inside a facility. 


By contrast, the materials used during the construction of stick-built houses are exposed to the elements like rain, moisture and heat, which may cause them to corrode, warp, and lose their stability. 


The controlled environment also makes it easier to construct homes with more precision–i.e., the beams are aligned more accurately and the walls are joined at exact angles. 


Final word 


Manufactured homes are excellent housing options if you’re looking for something affordable without sacrificing quality and design. But to take it to the next level, you may want to consider living in a mobile home community with excellent facilities like swimming pools, gardens, walking trails, dog parks, libraries and playgrounds. 


Living in a mobile home community means you enjoy the perks of home ownership and shared amenities without the burden of paying land maintenance and property taxes. 


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