How long do mobile homes last?

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How long do mobile homes last?

The lifespan of mobile homes, also known as manufactured homes, depends on multiple factors such as the climate, how diligent the owners are when it comes to maintenance and repair, etc. But to give you an idea, the Manufactured Housing Institute released a report stating that they last 55.8 years on average. 


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(Note: We use mobile homes and manufactured homes interchangeably. But in the strictest legal sense, the term manufactured home only applies to anything built after June 15, 1976.)


Are mobile homes safe and durable?


Thanks to HUD’s building and safety standards requiring manufactured homes to be made of construction materials that are fire and wind resistant, nowadays, they are a far outcry from the previous designs a few decades ago. 


Since mobile homes are seen as an affordable housing option, with many even costing half the price of stick-built houses of the same floor size and plan, some people automatically assume that they are of poor quality. But, of course, this is far from the truth. In fact, the sites where they are built and their construction materials and design are constantly scrutinized by housing authorities. 


The primary reason why manufactured homes are significantly cheaper than traditional houses stems from the fact that they are constructed in a massive warehouse-like factory that maximizes the use of construction materials and labor force. 


By contrast, stick-built houses are generally more expensive than mobile homes because of the labor cost and the inefficient use of construction materials. According to a 2018 survey released by the US Environmental Protection Agency, up to 30% of building materials delivered to a typical construction site ended up as waste, resulting in 145 million tons of scraps that went to landfills during the same period. 


Do mobile homes last as long as traditional stick-built houses?


The answer to this is a resounding yes. Thanks to HUD’s strict quality requirements and implementation, today’s manufactured homes are as good as stick-built ones and appreciate in value over time.


How to increase the lifespan of your home


Whether you live in a mobile home or a stick-built house, the following recommendations can help you increase the lifespan of your dwelling and prevent or postpone major repairs.


1. Do not plant trees close to your house. 


Tree roots can damage your plumbing and quickly get through cracks and crevices, destroying your home’s walls, floors and foundation. Additionally, the weight of branches and leaves can spell disaster to your roof and windows. 


2. Repair leaks asap


Leaks cause molds and compromise the structural integrity of your home over time. Remember that water seepage can weaken your walls and cause wood rot and other expensive repair problems. 


3. Conduct regular maintenance


Removing clutter, addressing moisture caused by leaks and poor air circulation, treating wood to protect it from wood-boring insects like termites and dry rots, eliminating pest infestation, and repainting your home can go a long way to extend its lifespan. 


4. Invest in quality wires and cables 


Make sure that your electrical fittings and wires are of good quality to avoid fire-related accidents. And unless you’re a licensed electrician, always rely on professionals when you need some electrical repair work.


5. Eliminate gaps and crevices 


Cracks on the wall and gaps and crevices around the door and window frames will not just make your home less energy efficient but also prone to water damage and pest infestation. However, you can use caulking or any type of sealant to prevent these problems. 


Final word 


Since 1976, manufactured homes have been as good as quality stick-built houses since they need to meet strict building codes. Additionally, HUD authorities visit the home-building facility several times a month to ensure that they follow the safety and design standards to protect homeowners from shoddy construction. 

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