Amenities you should look for in a mobile home community

Pet-friendly mobile home communities in the West coast

Amenities you should look for in a mobile home community

When looking for a mobile or manufactured home community, there are several factors that you should look into, such as the location (Is it near your workplace or school?), the amenities and facilities, security and safety, and the overall “feel” of the neighborhood. (Is it vibrant, family-friendly, or tight-knight?)


If you’re looking for a beautiful mobile home community, check out Storz Management Company‘s list of neighborhoods complete with family-friendly amenities like swimming pools, clubhouse, and sprawling green space where residents can play lawn games like horseshoe pit and bocci ball. 


Since 1971, the company has been managing and operating mobile home communities in California, Oregon and Nevada that all have this quaint, rural “feel” despite being strategically located near main thoroughfares and major cities. 


What amenities should I look for in a mobile home community?


Mobile home parks often highlight their recreational facilities, and for a reason: They want to show that they are a community where residents feel welcomed. Also, these amenities improve the quality of life of homeowners, especially seniors and families with young children. 


It’s nice to know that you have a gym, a sprawling green space and a clubhouse that’s a walking distance from your home. And if you have children, having a community playground allows them to socialize with other kids. For this reason, Storz has invested in these family-friendly amenities known to improve the residents’ quality of life. 


Some of Storz’s manufactured home communities even have libraries, spa-like amenities, RV storage, and dog parks. 


Swimming pools


To promote an active lifestyle, most of Storz’s mobile home communities have swimming pools with a clubhouse (with a full kitchen). This amenity also encourages neighbors to socialize and families to have a fun bonding time during a hot summer day.  


If you think a swimming pool is a must-have amenity, check out Storz’s list of their mobile home communities here. 


Secure and safe neighborhood 


Beyond comforts and luxuries, security should be your primary concern when looking for a home. Of course, you want to live in a place where you feel you’re safe and welcomed. 


When searching for a new home, you may want to consider the crime rates in the area (local cities often publish them on their website). Also, ask the mobile home management about their policies and strategies to keep their neighborhood safe for the residents. 


Nothing is more important than having peace of mind knowing that you and your family can walk around the neighborhood and its surrounding area safely.


Pet-friendly community 


Many of Storz’s mobile home communities have a dog park to accommodate the growing demand for a pet-friendly community. According to a recent survey, about 70% of U.S. households have at least one pet, a trend that’s expected to continue in the coming years. 


If you have a furry companion, it’s nice to choose a spacious home in a community that offers pet-friendly amenities like a dog park. 


Unlike condos and other rental spaces in large cities (which are also notoriously known for their shoe-box apartments), Storz doesn’t have restrictions on pet ownership. 




While most people want to live in a quiet and peaceful neighborhood, they still want to be near restaurants, shopping malls, museums and other facilities you can find in any vibrant city. That’s why Storz’s mobile home communities combine the best of both worlds–a rural “feel” despite being just a short drive from downtown and major highways. 


Green spaces and landscaping 


Modern manufactured home communities generally have parks and sprawling green spaces that are professionally maintained and landscaped. 


Note that green spaces are associated with reduced traffic noise, better air quality and a more relaxing ambiance. Consequently, you may want to include them on your must-have list when searching for your new neighborhood. 




With the skyrocketing prices of properties, especially in large, crowded cities, a mobile home is considered a more affordable housing option compared to a stick-built house.  


Contrary to popular belief, most mobile homes which are built recently are energy efficient and strong enough that they can withstand severe weather conditions. 


Learn more about our mobile home communities across the beautiful West Coast and discover what community is the best for you and your family.


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