5 Common Rules in a Mobile Home Park You Should Keep In Mind

No parking on the driveway sign in a mobile home park

5 Common Rules in a Mobile Home Park You Should Keep In Mind

5 Common Rules in a Mobile Home Park You Should Keep In Mind

When you move into a mobile home park, you are essentially becoming a resident and not just a property owner. As such, there are rules that you need to follow as a member of that community. It’s natural to think that living in a mobile home park means having fewer rules than if you were living in an apartment or house.

However, you have to remember that your home will be parked on someone else’s land so additional rules are necessary for the safety of all residents. There are many common rules in a mobile home park. Keep reading to find out about some of the most essential things you should know before buying a mobile home park property.

1. Don’t park in the driveway overnight

Mobile home parks are mostly used by retirees because they tend to have a lower cost of living than other housing options. However, you’ll also find families and young professionals living in them as well. The key thing is there is no outside parking allowed. This is to keep the area free of clutter and prevent accidents.

If you have a car or truck that you drive daily, you can park it in the street but if you are using a smaller vehicle, it may not be safe to park it in the street. If you have to keep your vehicle in the driveway, you cannot park it there overnight. This is so that the noise from vehicles in the driveway does not keep other residents awake. If you are visiting a resident, you can park in the driveway for a short time but you cannot do so for an extended period.

2. Don’t leave your lights on constantly when parked

This is a common complaint among mobile home park residents: people who leave their porch lights on all night long. Again, the idea behind this rule is to keep the outside free of clutter and hazards. If you have a security light that requires you to leave the switch on all night, you must find a way to turn it off. Again, if you are visiting a resident, you can leave your lights on while parked in their driveway but not at night.

The same rule applies to loud radios or TV sets that keep others awake. You cannot have a lawn mower or other equipment running all night, either. You must respect the neighborhood that you’ve become a part of and keep the outside clutter-free.

3. No Visiting or Moving Services for 3 Months After You Move In

This rule is mostly for health reasons. Mobile home parks do not want germs or bacteria to spread from one resident to another. If a person gets sick and spreads their illness to another mobile home park resident, it could end up being a huge problem. The simple solution is to make all residents of a mobile home park wait a few months before visiting or moving any furniture or items into their homes. This gives the new resident a chance to get rid of any germs or bacteria from their move and get healthy again.

The same rule applies if someone at the park is sick. No one should visit them at their home or they could get sick. The park managers may also have rules against bringing pets to live with you. However, they may allow you to board them at the vet if needed.

4. You can only have 2 Vehicles at One Time

This is another rule that makes sense. Mobile home parks have limited space. If a resident has 3 cars parked outside their home, it could become a serious hazard and could lead to a serious accident. If someone has a truck and a car, that’s great. But, if you have more than 2 cars, you should try to sell one of them.

The same rule applies to motorcycles. If you have a motorcycle that you use for transportation, that’s great. But, if you have more than 2 vehicles, you should get rid of one of them. This rule is mostly designed to keep the roads safe and organized.

5. You Can Only Host Limited-Equipment Events For Guests

This is one of the more common rules in a mobile home park. Mobile home parks are not long-term hotels. They are a place where people live and they want to keep the outside and inside of the home as tidy as possible. The same rules apply to outside events as well. When you have guests over at your home, you have to make sure they are not creating any clutter or noise that would disturb the other residents. If you host a party with a lot of guests and they make noise or leave behind a mess, you could receive a warning or even get kicked out of the park.

The same rule applies to hosting an event outside like having a BBQ or a volleyball tournament. Make sure you clean up after the event and avoid any noise that would disturb the other residents.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, there are a lot of rules and regulations that go along with living in a mobile home park. Some may seem like common sense or even ridiculous, but they are there for the safety and well-being of the residents. If you follow these rules and make sure to keep up your home, you shouldn’t have any issues with getting kicked out or having to relocate.

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