Easy Halloween Decoration Ideas for Mobile Homes

Easy Halloween Decoration Ideas for Mobile Homes

Just because you’re past the age to do trick-and-treat around your neighborhood doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the Halloween season. First and foremost, you can throw a spooky party and decorate your mobile home to make it more festive and welcoming to all the merrymakers out there. 


Here, we list some affordable and easy Halloween decoration ideas for mobile homes so you won’t have any reason not to beautify your abode. 


Origami Pumpkin Garland 

For this easy DIY project, you need origami papers in different orange tones, green paper for stems, sticky tape, twine, and scissors. 

A piece of origami paper makes one pumpkin; the larger the paper, the bigger the squash you can create. To achieve the desired shape, follow this step-by-step guide. 

  • Fold the paper in half along the diagonal, then fold in half again. 
  • Open the top triangle and press flat, forming a diamond. 
  • Flip it over and do the same on the other side.
  • Take its top flap (on the left) and open it to the right. 
  • Start folding the flap in half to meet the middle crease. 
  • Turn the same flap back to the left to press flat. 
  • Repeat the process on the other side. 
  • Take its right flap to open it out to the left. 
  • Start folding in half to the center. 
  • Turn the same flap back to the right to press flat. 
  • Take the left flap, fold in half to the middle again but from the bottom up. Then, fold it back to the left. You should come up with a narrow triangle shape in the center. 
  • Repeat the process on the opposite side to create a narrow diamond shape in the center. 
  • Flip the paper over and fold the bottom and top points down. 
  • Repeat on the left and right sides to make your pumpkin rounded. 

Once you have made enough origami pumpkins, cut a narrow strip of green paper for the stalk; stick it to the back using a paste or any adhesive. 

Using a long twine, line and tape all the pumpkins to make this Halloween-themed garland. 


Pumpkin Totem Pole

This DIY pumpkin totem pole is a great way to light up your front porch using inexpensive toy pumpkins you can buy from thrift stores. 

For this project, you need five plastic jack o’ lantern pumpkins, garden stake (around 5 ft long), string of white lights, witch hat, wire, mallet, power drill, and 1- or 2-inch hole drill bit. 

Once you have all the tools and supplies you need, you can start drilling a hole in the bottom center of each plastic pumpkin. But if you don’t have a power drill, you can do this by using a knife or scissors. Just make sure that the hole is big enough to slide over the garden stake and the string lights. 

Then, pound the garden stake into the ground where you want to display your Halloween totum. Make sure that its length is enough to stack all your plastic pumpkins and an additional 1 foot for the witch hat. 

Starting with the bottom pumpkin, thread your string lights through the hold. Make sure that you leave the extra cord hanging so you can plug it. Then, stack all the pumpkins onto the garden stake, making sure that the string lights are evenly spaced through the lanterns. 

Once the lanterns and string lights are in place, poke a piece of wire through one side of the witch hat then through the opposite side (bottom to top). Then, wrap the wire around the garden stake to keep it in place in windy weather. 

Plugin your lights to welcome guests and trick-and-treaters into your home. 


Lacy Ghost Decoration

Hang these lacy ghosts to your doorways, halls, or along the staircase to create a spooky yet festive ambiance. For this easy DIY project, you only need some lace or cheesecloth, styrofoam balls, tapestry needle, black sewing pins, and twine. 

To start this project, wrap each foam ball in fabric and secure it with yarn or ribbon around the neck. Then, add black pins for the eyes. 

Using a tapestry needle, stitch and tie your yarn to the top of each ghost to hang them.

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